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Couples Therapy
About Us

Las Vegas Therapy Center is a licensed mental health agency serving diverse individuals and groups across Las Vegas and the state of Nevada and beyond (See this map for our service area that is continually expanding). Our therapeutic services include Individual & Group Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Evidence-based strategies to treat Depression and Anxiety, and much more. Engagement in sessions will broaden your perspective about yourself and how you view the world and prepare you for real-life challenges. Eventually, becoming the best version of yourself while improving your quality of life.

Founder Dr. Julie Robinson PsyD, LMFT, M.Ed., discovered her love for assisting individuals in seeing and believing in their strengths and in the ability to control their own lives in her Master of Education program at the University of Missouri. The program focused on using Positive Psychology as the lens through which to view your clients, their treatment, and the world. You can learn to develop an optimistic way of explaining things that happen to you in your life to assist you in making genuine progress toward what you want to create and what you want for yourself. Contact us to start gaining control of your life and feeling increased happiness in your power to positively affect your life!

Our Mission

It is our company’s mission to provide evidence-based strategies and solutions to assist you in your day-to-day life and in business functioning. We utilize a strengths-based approach to provide a lens for best understanding and treating the mental health challenges of today. So whether you’re dealing with stress, phobias, obsessions, sadness, depression, feelings of isolation, low motivation, or anxiety, we can help you build on your strengths and develop the ability to view and explain your life in a more optimistic way.


Servicing Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and New Mexico

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